September 3, 2018

3 Days Left To Get $500 Off Aluminum Conference

Registration for MSCI’s Aluminum Products Division Conference on November 11-13 is open and members who sign up before Sept. 7 will get $500 off their registration fee.

Egil Hogna, executive vice president of extruded solutions at Hydro will serve as keynote speaker. Hydro is the only 360° company in the worldwide aluminum industry, with over a century of experience, presence in 40 countries and virtually in all end-use markets. Hogna will share Hydro’s unique perspective on the direction of the global Aluminum Industry.

Additionally, Dr. Robert Wescott, president of Keybridge Research, will discuss the global macro-economic outlook while former CEO and chairman of Baxter International Harry Kraemer will offer his “five bests.” Each registered delegate will receive a copy of Kraemer’s book, “Becoming The Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership.”

The Aluminum conference also will:

  • Arm participants with the knowledge to be a leader in the aluminum industry;
  • Give insight into the direction of customers’ end markets; and
  • Analyze how trade, tariffs, and policy issues are impacting the aluminum industry.

Register now and be part of the opportunity to network with key business partners and gain an understanding of where your business is headed. Click here to learn more.