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Metals Service Center Institute Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to the Metals Service Center Institute ("MSCI"), and we are committed to respecting your privacy on We have put this policy together to provide you with information that addresses your privacy concerns, such as how we gather and use the information that we collect from the visitors to our website. We will provide you with appropriate notice regarding any changes to this policy. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to MSCI by sending an e-mail to and writing "Privacy Policy" in the subject line. 


The Information We Collect and How We Collect It 

MSCI only collects information from you when you only when you register to attend the various training courses or events offered to MSCI members or when you wish to purchase products from us. Unlike many other websites, MSCI does not use "cookies" to automatically track information about your activity on our website. 

How We Use the Information We Collect 

We use the information you provide us to register for courses or events or to purchase products only for the limited purpose for which you provided it to us. For example, if you register for an event we are hosting, we will use your information to send you a confirmation and other notices about the event. Once the purpose for which you provided us information has been fulfilled (e.g., the event has been held or the products you have purchased have been sent to you), we will not use your information for any other purpose. 

To Whom We May Disclose Your Information 

We will disclose you information to third parties only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which you provided it to us. For example, we will share your information with the third party service providers who deliver the products and services we sell on our web site. We do not share your information with anyone not doing business with MSCI for your benefit. 

Other Collectors of Your Information 

This policy only addresses MSCI's collection and use of your information, except as otherwise provided. If you disclose your information to others in connection with your use of our website, or any other website (including sites linked to our website), you are subject to the privacy policies that they apply. MSCI does not have control over the privacy policies applied by any other party that you may disclose information to when linking to such party from our website. If you would like information on any other party's privacy policy, you should contact that party directly, and we encourage you to do so.