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2016 Election Center

Manufacturing Summit Toolkit

A Manufacturing Summit is a great platform to educate your chapter members, customers and their employees about the critical policy issues that impact our industry’s ability to grow, increase jobs and stay competitive.

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GOTV Toolkit

Be a MetalMatters Voter! Join MSCI and host a National Voter Registration Drive this September.

Get out the Vote Toolkit »

MetalMatters Election Center

This November Americans will elect a president, all of the U.S. House, a third of the Senate, twelve governor’s and hundreds of state and local officials. Learn where the candidates stand on the issues critical to metals.

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Get Involved

Talking to Your Representative

Here are some simple tips to help you start a conversation with your representative.

How to Talk to Your Representative »

Chapter Advocacy Toolkit

Your elected representatives want to hear from you and your chapter members. Here are some simple ways to build a relationship with your elected officials or just learn about the issues important to our industry.

Chapter Advocacy Guide »

Plant Tour How to Guide

Plant tours showcase your plant and build relationships with members of Congress and their staff. This guide will help you plan a successful and meaningful tour for your company and the elected official.

How to for Plant Tours »