October 11, 2015

Alliance For American Manufacturing: Every $1 Billion Invested In Infrastructure Equals 21,600 U.S. Jobs

According to the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), “Every $1 billion spent on repairing and upgrading our transportation infrastructure supports a strong manufacturing sector—and over 21,600 jobs here in America.” The Alliance has asked supporters to take action to create those jobs by signing its petition in support of a long-term highway reauthorization bill. 

As Connecting the Dots readers know, Congress has passed 34 short-term highway spending bills and is facing another expiring reauthorization on Oct. 29. With Congress facing many other legislative deadlines this fall, including a deadline to increase the federal debt limit, it is critical members of the manufacturing and metals industries advocate in support of quick action to reauthorize highway funding programs. 

According to the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM), which supports a long-term highway funding bill:

  • While competitor nations continue to invest in infrastructure, the United States is stuck in a decade-long period of decline in overall infrastructure capital spending;
  • Investment in highways, roads and bridges fell 3.5 percent each year from 2003 to 2012; and
  • 70 percent of Americans believe U.S. infrastructure is in fair or poor shape and needs a great deal or quite a bit of improvement.

The Metals Service Center Institute joins NAM and AAM in their support for a long-term reauthorization and urges its members to sign AAM’s petition.