August 25, 2014

Another Battleground State—New Hampshire—Emerges in Competition for U.S. Senate.

Last week Connecting the Dots reported on Cook Political Report’s nine “tossup” Senate races. While we mentioned there’s also a close race in New Hampshire, at last week’s writing we didn’t know how close the contest actually was. But now The Boston Globe has reported the race is among the closest in the country. A survey by WMUR and the New Hampshire State Survey Center shows incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) leads Republican candidate Scott Brown (who used to represent Massachusetts in the Senate) by just two points, inside the margin of error. With Election Day just 70 days away, the poll gives another boost to Republican hopes of taking over the upper chamber of Congress. With the election close and increasingly competitive, MSCI again reminds its members to check out our Get Out The Vote toolkit and to read MSCI’s policy agenda for more information about the issues that will face the 114th Congress. And remind your employees and customers that they can vote even if they won’t be at home on Election Day. It’s estimated 30 percent of people eligible to vote fail to do so because they are either out of town or simply too busy—check out our toolkit for information about all voting rules in the various states, including rules about absentee and early voting. And for more about the 2014 battleground Senate races, read BIPAC’s summary.