February 29, 2016

Check Out MSCI’s Edge For Advocacy Updates And Political Analysis

MSCI members are reminded that, in addition to Connecting the Dots, they can find plenty of advocacy, policy and political information at MSCI’s Edge. This month’s Edge offers a one-page infographic explaining the top seven public policy issues facing the U.S. metals manufacturing industry. 

MSCI’s Steve Lawrence also reports on remarks made by General Michael Hayden at MSCI’s recent Aluminum Products Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. General Hayden discussed the war on terrorism, global instability, new funding for U.S. defense and the looming U.S. election. General Hayden argued, “This election will be watched closely by other countries that will want to see what America’s role in the world will be. At this point I can’t predict the outcome, except to say that any of the candidates now running will be more engaged than we are now.”