June 6, 2016

Check Out MSCI’s Metal Matters Website, Election Center

Already it’s been an unusual election year: even the most astute political pundits didn’t forecast the race for the White House would unfold as it has. This just reinforces the fact that Your Voice Matters. Election outcomes aren’t up to election analysts—they’re up to voters. And while MSCI doesn’t endorse candidates for elective office, we do work actively to encourage industry members to vote and educate themselves about the issues. Why? Because we believe fervently that Metal Matters

As you know firsthand, our industry faces strong headwinds and today, perhaps more than ever, it’s important that our members are educated about the issues that could help—or hurt—our industry’s future. Here are some things MSCI is involved in to ensure that our members, their employees and their customers understand what’s at stake this election year:

  • MSCI’s new Metal Matters website includes detailed explanations of the core public policy issues MSCI is fighting for and why these issues matter to you, your company and our industry.
  • 2016 Election Center and Get Out the Vote toolkit that details the candidate’s views on key issues and includes voter registration links, and a guide on how to hold a voter registration drive at your company;
  • Action and Alert Center with simple ways to contact your representatives;
  • Plant Tour Guide and Chapter Advocacy Toolkit; and
  • MSCI’s Congressional Scorecard.

During MSCI’s National Voter Registration Month this September, MSCI encourages its chapters and members to host voter registration drives. These events help employees register to vote and provide non-partisan educational materials on key metals issues (but will not promote any candidate). If you are interested in hosting one of these events, contact an MSCI representative or see our Get Out the Vote toolkit

Want to join our conversation on Twitter? Use #MetalMatters to weigh in on the public policy issues facing our industry and to tell your followers why metals are important to our economy and your community. 

This year is an important—and potentially historic—election year. We hope you’ll join MSCI as we work to make our members’ voices heard and to ensure Metal Matters to all candidates.