October 1, 2018

Chinese White Paper Criticizes U.S. Trade Policy

As CNBC reported, on Monday, Sept. 24, the Chinese government published a white paper regarding China-United States economic and trade relations. The government said the purpose of the paper was to outline reasonable solutions to the current friction between the two countries.

The white paper argued China and the United States are at different stages in development and that they have different economic systems. It argued the Chinese government has answered U.S. concerns with “greatest level of patience and good faith” and that U.S. government officials have contradicted themselves.

The paper said, “As a result, trade and economic friction between the two sides has escalated quickly over a short period of time, causing serious damage to the economic and trade relations which have developed over the years through the collective work of the two governments and the two peoples, and posing a grave threat to the multilateral trading system and the principle of free trade.”