August 13, 2018

Colorado Ballot Initiative Threatens Energy Development

Coloradans likely will vote this November on a ballot initiative that would require drilling operations be subject to a 2,500-foot set-back from any occupied structure. According to the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance, which the Metals Service Center Institute is a member of, if successful the initiative would remove 85 percent of developable private lands from production, crippling the industry, eliminating more than 100,000 of 233,000 industry jobs and $1 billion of tax revenue, and threatening the $31.4 billion annual economic contribution oil and gas exploration and production makes to the Colorado economy by 2030.

Supporters of the initiative needed at least 98,000 signatures to get the proposal on the ballot; they secured 170,000. If enough of the signatures are determined to be valid—a likely outcome given the number of signatures secured—the measure will go onto the ballot. If more than half of Colorado voters approve the measure, it will become state law.

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