October 9, 2017

Commerce Department Delays Aluminum Foil Determination

The U.S. Commerce Department announced last week that it would delay its preliminary determination in an anti-dumping case into Chinese aluminum foil until it also can “fully analyze information pertaining to China’s status as a non-market economy (NME) country.” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross argued, “This extension will ensure that the highest standards are followed in this case as we seek to guarantee fair treatment for U.S. workers and businesses.”

The department said it would release its findings in the matter by Nov. 30, 2017.

Some in the news media speculated that the delay is due to President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to China, set for early November. Bloomberg noted the announcement “puts off another decision that could inflame relations with China as Trump prepares for his first trip as president to the world’s second-biggest economy.” The Commerce Department also has not yet released its findings in its Section 232 investigations into steel and aluminum imports.