February 29, 2016

Data Continues To Show MSCI, Allies Were Correct: Union Elections Happening Faster After NLRB Ruling

Last week the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released more data showing that MSCI and its allies were correct in their assertion that the NLRB’s “ambush” elections rule would considerably shorten the timeline for labor union elections. According to Politico, “The time it takes to conduct an NLRB union election has dropped significantly since mid-April [2015], when the board implemented” the “ambush elections” rule. The NLRB reported that union elections now take an average of 24 days from the filing of a petition to completion, down from 38 days in the year before the NRLB rule took effect. 

Labor unions are not winning more elections under the new regime, however. According to the NLRB, union elections were successful in just 64 percent of instances, down slightly from 65 percent before. 

The most recent NLRB findings mirror previous studies discussed in Connecting the Dots here, here and here

With its partners at the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, MSCI opposed the NLRB rule because shorter elections do not give employees ample time to consider the benefits or drawbacks of joining a particular labor union and because the NLRB’s ruling also violates employee privacy. MSCI continues to support legal efforts to overturn the NRLB ambush elections rule.