Online Manufacturing Training

Close skill gaps and enhance a strong learning culture for long-term success by including online manufacturing training through MSCI To explore the courses and create a company account, contact Monique Combs at (847) 485-3004. Once an account is created, students and administrators can log in through the links below.

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A Strong Educational Foundation Improves Retention and Productivity Much turnover comes from new hires. A strong onboarding program that includes training helps workers learn the knowledge and skills necessary to feel confident when they are on their own. It helps them get through their first year successfully, improving retention and productivity. Ongoing training is essential for upskilling, and improves retention and productivity further. These online courses are an excellent complement to shadowing and hands-on training.

Functional Areas

Click below to view recommended training for core manufacturing job roles focused on providing the knowledge your employees need to excel 

Costs are low and returns are high! Per Person Pricing: Pick-5 Classes            $250 Pick-10 Classes          $395 Pick-25 Classes          $695 Unlimited Classes      $995 Courses are sold on a per-person basis and expire one year from the date of activation. Choose from the class catalog, or use the predefined curriculum for core manufacturing job roles to create your own bundles. With input from manufacturing experts, these were designed as comprehensive combinations to add to your on-the-job training to quickly create learning roadmaps and define career paths. Contact Monique Combs at (847) 485-3004 to set up your company’s online learning account.