Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire, support, and enable our metals industry members to continuously improve the Safety and Health performance of the entire Metals Industry and achieve Excellence in Safety and Health.

Our Partners

We achieve our mission through the leadership of our Health and Safety Council and with the help of important partners.

MSCI Safety Committee
Our Health and Safety Committee consists of about 25 Health and Safety Professionals and Senior Leaders from across the Metals Industry all of whom bring their extensive expertise, experience, commitment and passion for improving Safety Performance across the Metals Industry.  The team meets several times each year and hosts an annual Safety Conference to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas and improvement in Safety Performance in the Metals Industry.

Optimum Safety Management
Since 2003, Optimum Safety Management has been dedicated to protecting workers, mitigating risk, and developing leaders in Metals Service Centers. We take organizations beyond compliance and checklists with a systematic and sustainable approach to safety focused on employee engagement and leadership development.

Optimum Safety Management Safety Helpline & Resources

Answering Urgent Safety Questions

Metals Service Center Institute member Optimum Safety Management sponsors exclusive MSCI member access to a designated resource to help members improve their workplace safety. Answers to questions and expert advice will be available for MSCI members Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Internet or telephone inquiries will receive responses within 24 hours.

Access Now

Safety Course Catalog

To help our member companies go beyond compliance and set the foundation for cultural change, MSCI and Optimum Safety Management are delivering a live online metals Metal Safety Workshop Series that will develop middle to upper managers and front-line supervisors as safety leaders.

Facilitators will lead each workshop live online through a classroom complete with professional audio/visual equipment, whiteboard technology, and multi-screen viewing for a seamless experience.

Contact Monique Combs at mcombs@msci.org or (847) 485-3004 to discuss a custom program for teams of 10 or more.

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Upcoming Safety Events & Courses

Annual Safety Innovation and Improvement Award

Safety starts with the culture of an organization and is an ongoing journey that never ends. It takes perseverance, employee buy-in from the top down and bottom up, as well as continuous improvement from the entire organization to ensure that every metals industry employee arrives home from work exactly as they left. The MSCI Safety Innovation and Culture Improvement Award will recognize and acknowledge metals organizations that seek new and innovative approaches in their efforts to drive safety improvement towards a zero-harm environment.

In the interest of engagement and driving recognition of our members’ efforts, MSCI is pleased to announce expansion of the award program.  Beginning in 2021, members may submit award nominations in either or both of the following two distinct categories.

Safety Innovation Award:

Across the industry, the best and brightest are engaging their minds around how to make each process or work practice safer.  Has your workplace developed a best practice?  How about a new gadget that keeps your employees out of harms way? Or, maybe you have implemented a tool, process, or device that has dramatically reduced occupational risk or exposure.  We want to hear about it, and we want you to have a platform to share it with the industry so we can all benefit.  Entries to this award can be from Management, Supervisory, or even better yet, Front-Line Workers.  Drive deeper engagement with your teams by getting them the recognition they deserve when they think outside the box and improve the working environment.

Culture Improvement Award:

We would all say, “we want to improve our safety culture.”  However, if you have tried it, you know it is much easier to say than to accomplish.  It takes hard work, dedication, and a consistent commitment to effort over the long haul.  Have you had success with your culture?  Maybe you have implemented a new initiative that has really engaged your team.  Or, have you participated in something extraordinary to educate your team and can now demonstrate results.  We would love to hear about it.

To qualify, describe your approach following the details in the application, and submit your application to Briana Dee at bdee@msci.org.  Contact Briana at the email provided or (847) 485-3021 with questions.  Submissions due Friday, October 1, 2021.

Download the 2021 Safety Award Application

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