Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire, support, and enable our metals industry members to continuously improve the Safety and Health performance of the entire Metals Industry and achieve Excellence in Safety and Health.

Our Partners

We achieve our mission through the leadership of our Health and Safety Council and with the help of important partners.


MSCI Safety Council
Our Health and Safety Council consists of about 25 Health and Safety Professionals and Senior Leaders from across the Metals Industry all of whom bring their extensive expertise, experience, commitment and passion for improving Safety Performance across the Metals Industry.  The team meets several times each year and hosts an annual Safety Conference to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas and improvement in Safety Performance in the Metals Industry.

Optimum Safety
Since 2003, Optimum Safety Management (OSM) has been dedicated to protecting workers, mitigating risk, and developing leaders in Metals Service Centers. We take organizations beyond compliance and checklists with a systematic and sustainable approach to safety focused on employee engagement and leadership development.

Optimum Safety Management Safety Helpline & Resources

Answering Urgent Safety Questions

Metals Service Center Institute member Optimum Safety Management sponsors exclusive MSCI member access to a designated resource to help members improve their workplace safety. Answers to questions and expert advice will be available for MSCI members Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Internet or telephone inquiries will receive responses within 24 hours.

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Safety Course Catalog

Contact Monique Combs at (847) 485-3004 for more information.

Fundamentals of Safety for the Metals Industry
(2 days)
To grow knowledge and develop a safety leader, there must be a ground-level understanding of safety and risk management processes. This course is designed as an introduction to the principles and practices of effective safety management for those new to a safety-related role. Through interactive sessions with consulting safety professionals, the participants will gain an understanding in the following key subject areas: framework for safety management systems, regulatory requirements, industry-specific risks, roles and responsibilities, and developing an action plan.
Safety Leadership
(1 day)
Simply put, leadership sets the foundation to achieve a winning culture. Leaders, in all capacities, have the ability to help others succeed both personally and professionally. However, those leaders must first understand their role and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to lead cultural change. This workshop sets the foundation for all safety leaders to recognize what a great safety culture looks like and understand their part in achieving this goal.
Safety Contacts
(1 day)
A safety contact is any conversation with an employee initiated by a supervisor or manager in which exposure is observed, feedback is provided, and a two-way conversation is held to strengthen the use of best practices. This workshop will help supervisors develop an ability to recognize safe behaviors and communicate insights to engage employees, not simply instruct.
Physical Hazard Inspection
(1 day)
Area inspections may be standard procedures for supervisors, but how can inspections be leveraged to increase effectiveness? Science has taught us that by learning to analyze hazards as they interact with behaviors, safety leaders can turn routine inspections into opportunities for employee engagement. Changing the approach and process can change the output – leading to leverage for future impact. Leaders will learn how to leverage skills in Action Orientation as they apply to Physical Hazard Identification and exposure reduction.
Job Safety Briefings
(1 day)
A Job Safety Briefing is a series of interactions that focus on the specific safety requirements, instruction and exposures associated with a work task. By building on knowledge and experience gained in Safety Contacts, safety leaders will develop skills to move from two-way coaching to leading a larger group. Utilizing a genuine approach, leaders learn to engage everyone in a conversation around safety as it relates to a specific task or subject.
Incident Investigation & Response
(1 day)
When an incident occurs, all employees watch to see how their leader responds. How a leader interacts with the affected employees and communicates to the team creates the atmosphere that impacts culture. When bad things happen, your credibility is on the line. Learn how to apply credibility skills to respond appropriately to incidents and conduct effective root cause analyses.

Upcoming Safety Events & Courses

Annual Safety Innovation and Improvement Award

Safety starts with the culture of an organization and is an ongoing journey that never ends. It takes perseverance, employee buy-in from the top down and bottom up, and continuous improvement from the entire organization to ensure that every metals industry employee arrives home from work exactly as they left. The MSCI Safety Innovation and Improvement Award will recognize and acknowledge metals organizations that seek new and innovative approaches in their efforts to drive safety improvement towards the elusive “0”.

The improvement and/or innovative initiative could be management or employee initiated. Have you engaged leadership, changed culture, problem solved to develop a new strategy/program or improved a process or equipment? MSCI would like member companies to share their unique innovations and improvement ideas with the metals industry in an effort to encourage all to learn and strengthen their current safety program.

Recipients will be presented with the 2020 Safety Innovation and Improvement Award during a virtual award ceremony on December 1, 2020. To qualify, describe your approach following the details in the application, and submit your application by Monday, November 9, 2020, to Monique Combs at mcombs@msci.org.

Download the application packet here.

Congratulations to the MSCI 2019 Safety Innovation and Improvement Award Winners:

  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco
  • Plateplus, Inc.
  • United Scrap Metal