Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire, support, and enable our metals industry members to continuously improve the Safety and Health performance of the entire Metals Industry and achieve Excellence in Safety and Health.

Our Partners

We achieve our mission through the leadership of our Health and Safety Council and with the help of important partners.


MSCI Safety Council
Our Health and Safety Council consists of about 25 Health and Safety Professionals and Senior Leaders from across the Metals Industry all of whom bring their extensive expertise, experience, commitment and passion for improving Safety Performance across the Metals Industry.  The team meets several times each year and hosts an annual Safety Conference to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas and improvement in Safety Performance in the Metals Industry.

Optimum Safety
Since 2003, Optimum Safety Management (OSM) has been dedicated to protecting workers, mitigating risk, and developing leaders in Metals Service Centers. We take organizations beyond compliance and checklists with a systematic and sustainable approach to safety focused on employee engagement and leadership development.

MSCI’s Safety Best Practices and Success Study

Improving Health and Safety Practices Industry Wide

MSCI is a member of Boeing Center for Technology and Information Management (BCTIM), a research facility that is part of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Through the Boeing Center, MSCI sponsors one project in each calendar year. The metals industry project for 2013 is about safety practices in the metals industry.


Optimum Safety Management Safety Helpline & Resources

Answering Urgent Safety Questions

Metals Service Center Institute member Optimum Safety Management sponsors exclusive MSCI member access to a designated resource to help members improve their workplace safety. Answers to questions and expert advice will be available for MSCI members Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Internet or telephone inquiries will receive responses within 24 hours.

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Safety Course Catalog

Contact Monique Kaiserauer for more information.

Principles of Occupational Safety & Health
(4 days)
Learn techniques to identify and target hazards specific to your organization, and take actions to prevent incidents and related costs. Also learn to organize and communicate an effective safety program.
Safety Management Techniques
(4 days)
Learn to look at safety from a business and systems perspective. This class addresses administrative, technical and cultural issues, helping you effectively manage projects and employees.
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
(4 days)
Gain a practical understanding of industrial hygiene issues and how to address them. Taught in an interactive classroom format supported by testing and a case study project, you’ll learn how to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control industrial hygiene hazards.
Safety Training Methods
(4 days)
Learn how to make educated decisions about the safety training needs of your workforce through needs analysis, performance objectives, instructional strategy and methods, content, delivery evaluation, and costs. Safety Training Methods meets ANSI Standard Z490.1 criteria for accepted practices in safety, health and environmental training.
Safety Inspections
(1 day)
Learn to plan and conduct a safety inspection, complete inspection reports, develop recommendations and follow-up, and manage an effective inspection program.
Incident Investigation
(1 day)
Learn techniques for gathering complete, accurate and objective incident data used to arrive at true root causes and determine corrective action as a means of preventing injuries, property damage, and financial losses.
Job Safety Analysis
(1 day)
Learn this proven process for controlling operating hazards and costs. Get a step-by-step overview of the process, and define your role in making it effective.
Ergonomics: Managing for Results
(1 day)
Gain skills to recognize ergonomic risk factors and determine how to conduct an ergonomic worksite analysis. Also learn to assess various control methods and identify steps to implement a successful ergonomics program at your workplace.
Team Safety
(1 day)
Learn how to build an effective safety team. The course includes a self-assessment of your level of understanding and interactive exercises to practice learned concepts.

Upcoming Safety Events & Courses