April 12, 2021

EEIA Provides Important Context For Addressing Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance President and CEO Toby Mack, unprecedented Chinese coal power plant building is cancelling out the United States’ substantial carbon dioxide emission reductions that have been made possible by natural gas. Mack reports, “While China adds aggressively to its coal capacity over the next several years, America’s coal fleet continues to shrink towards zero, retiring 64 GW of capacity from 2015 to 2020, with another 62 GW going offline by 2030.”

Meanwhile, Mack says, U.S. workers, businesses, and consumers are paying a high price for efforts to lower U.S. carbon emissions. The price comes in the form of lost jobs, cancelled oil and natural pipelines, higher energy costs, and higher prices for everyday products delivered by truck, rail, sea ,or air transportation. Mack says, essentially, Americans are on the hook for China’s excesses even though, as a country, the United States is making huge investments in climate mitigation.

Read Mack’s full column here.

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