January 12, 2015

Environmental Protection Agency Delays Emissions Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was due to release its final regulation updating emissions rules for new power plants by Jan. 8, but announced last week that it will not have the rule done until this summer. 

According to Manufacturing.Net, Republicans in the U.S. Congress argued the delay is a political move by the White House designed to delay Senate legislation that would prevent the rule from being implemented. Indeed, according to The Hill, “The delay means that congressional Republicans will have to wait until the middle of summer if they want to hold votes to try to overturn the rules.” That’s because, as National Journal explained, opponents “can't use the Congressional Review Act to try to kill the rule until it's in final form.” 

Environmental groups said they did not oppose the delay. 

MSCI opposes this rule, which will significantly increase energy costs for its members without reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and another one also under consideration by the EPA that will revise emissions requirements for power plants currently in operation.