April 12, 2015

European Parliament Trade Committee To Consider Conflict Minerals Policy This Week

The International Trade Committee of the European Parliament (INTA) will meet tomorrow, April 14, to vote on several amendments to its draft conflict minerals regulation and passage of it. As The National Law Review explains, INTA met in mid-March to debate these amendments and to discuss whether the European Parliament should pass a voluntary or mandatory conflict minerals regime. The journal says that, during the meeting, a representative from the European Commission “restated the Commission’s view that the mandatory system would disrupt supply chains and would not lead to a balanced and reasonable solution.” 

As Connecting the Dots reported last month, in March the European Parliament’s Development Committee voted to create a mandatory system while its Committee on Foreign Affairs was deadlocked on the question. 

After INTA acts this week, the European Parliament will vote on the issue some time in May.