October 26, 2020

European Union Will Investigate Steel Towers From China

The European Union has launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of steel towers from China that are used for wind turbines. The European Wind Tower Association alleged high volumes and low prices hit European producers of steel towers, and the European Commission found sufficient evidence of dumping to justify the start of proceedings.

As Reuters explained, the investigation will likely take up to 14 months, but also could “impose provisional measures seven to eight months into the investigation.”

In its executive summary released with news of the investigation, the European Commission said, “The European Union’s [steel wind tower] Industry is suffering present material injury, which is due to the dumped subject imports. The injury resulted from a combination of a surge in subject import volumes from the People’s Republic of China and very low import prices, which undercut EU producers. The pressure by imports from the People’s Republic of China left EU producers no choice but to also drop their prices so as not to have plants idle and try to stay competitive. As a result, pressure by dumped imports led to price suppression, which drove the industry into losses in recent financial quarters”

Click here for all of the European Commission’s information regarding this case.