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Coil Processing: Technology, Techniques & Tips for Improving Productivity

  • Harper College
  • 1200 Algonquin Rd
    Palatine, IL 60067 United States
  • May 21, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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This comprehensive, one-day seminar covers the following topics:

Close Tolerance Blanking & Multi-Blanking
Tolerances specified for blanks get ever tighter, yet there is a great deal of confusion on how they are properly measured and best produced.

  • Definition of a blank
  • How camber affects tolerances
  • How slitting affects blank tolerances
  • How leveling affects blank tolerances
  • The proper way to measure blanks
  • Line configurations to produce best tolerances

Geometry of Shape Variations, How to Make Flat Rolled Flat
Designed for personnel in flat rolled processing plants, this session examines shape defects and methods used to improve flatness.

  • Types of shape defects
  • The roller leveling process
  • Types of Levelers
  • Design considerations
  • Drive configurations

Technology for Precise Slitting
An examination of slitting theory and how to produce an optimum cut with minimal burr.

  • The theory of slitting and shearing
  • Proper clearances and tool tolerances
  • How to minimize burr and optimize your cut
  • Tool handling and care

Coil Processing Equipment Safety
Regardless of the type of equipment used in your operation, the safety of your personnel should be paramount. However, the key is to guard the equipment AND maintain its functionality.

  • General safeguarding
  • Interlocks and work zones
  • End user responsibilities
  • Guarding and functionality

Slitting Line Configurations & Considerations
An examination of configuration options that address material types, building layouts, and unique customer requirements.

  • Line configurations
  • Design requirements
  • Customer expectations
  • Manufacturing requirements

Flat Material That Stays Flat – Producing Laser Quality Sheets
Material that looks flat does not always stay flat after it has been cut, and the growing number of companies using laser equipment needs material that will stay flat after cutting, punching, etc.

  • The effects of trapped internal stresses
  • How to eliminate material spring back
  • How tension improves the leveling process
  • How Temper Mills work
  • How Stretcher Levelers work

Who Should Attend
This seminar is for anyone who manages or supports coil processing operations and for professionals who evaluate, specify, or audit coil processing services or processed coil products:

  • Service Center Operations Supervisors
  • Coil Processing Operators/Supervisors
  • Equipment Maintenance Personnel
  • Quality Management Professionals
  • Purchasers of Coil Processing Services or Products
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Other Personnel looking to learn more effective, higher quality coil processing tips and techniques

Seminar Agenda
8:00 am     Continental Breakfast
8:30 am     Morning Session
Noon          Lunch
1:00 pm     Afternoon Session
4:30 pm     Seminar Concludes

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