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MSCI Webinar: How to Have Hard Conversations at Work

  • July 11, 2018 1:00 PM
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MSCI Webinar: How to Have Hard Conversations at Work
Wednesday, July 11, 1:00-2:00 pm CDT

Do you struggle with hard conversations at work?  Do you delay or avoid even having them?  For supervisors and managers at many businesses, this is a common occurrence – and one that can lead to significant problems and costs.

Whether the discussion is about a performance issue, a rule violation, a customer complaint, an evaluation, a workforce restructuring, workplace misconduct, or another thorny subject, having hard conversations at work is rarely simple, particularly when it involves people you supervise or manage.  As a result, many supervisors do almost anything possible to avoid them!

Of course, avoiding hard conversations does not make them disappear; it only leads to bigger problems and higher costs, including damaged relationships, high staff turnover, repeated errors and mistakes, drops in productivity, and even declines in revenue.  And handling them poorly can have the same consequences.

But while the importance of effectively handling hard conversations is clear, many businesses provide little or no instruction on the subject.  In a recent survey conducted by Globis Ltd., well over half of the managers who responded said that they avoided hard conversations because they lacked the training and experience to handle such situations.  Supervisors, managers and employees deserve better.

This webinar will provide practical training to equip supervisors and managers at all levels with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively handle hard conversations at work in a wide range of situations.

Who Should Participate

  • Supervisors and managers responsible for addressing performance and conduct issues, business changes, or other actions that may impact employees, as well as HR professionals who provide guidance in these areas
  • Supervisors and managers who want to communicate with employees in a more open, honest and effective manner, particularly in difficult situations
  • Business leaders responsible for training supervisors and managers in the essential skills needed to be successful

Program Outcomes

  • Overcome avoidance to hard conversations
  • Gain the confidence and learn the skills needed to effectively handle hard conversations at work
  • Learn a reliable approach that you can adopt and use to have hard conversations in a wide range of situations
  • Strengthen workplace relationships and grow as a leader


Member: $79 per person or $249 for a group (per location)
Nonmember: $119 per person or $369 for a group (per location)