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Purchasing and Supply Management

  • MSCI Headquarters
  • 4201 Euclid Ave
    Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 United States
  • March 27, 2019 - March 28, 2019 8:30 AM
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Successful purchasing depends on good decisions, and good decisions result from good management techniques. The changing procurement and physical supply environment requires that Metals Service Centers apply the latest business, purchasing, supply management and materials management strategies, practices, systems, and organizational structures to improve productivity and effectiveness.

Worldwide competitive pressures require greater contribution from the purchasing and supply management functions and suppliers to improve the organization’s relative position on quality, price, technology, and responsiveness—that doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting for it to happen! What are you doing about strategic sourcing, negotiation, and alliances/partnering in your supply base?

As a purchasing professional, you are the key in the procurement and physical supply process. Advanced technology, sophisticated marketing approaches, and expanded requirements for goods and services have made the purchasing job more complex than ever before. “Evolution” is the buzzword among competitively-minded purchasers. Implicit in this concept is the application of personal skills which range from technical aspects to overall comprehension of the business requirements.

What this means is that the same elaborate procedures, skill sets, and extensive efforts should not be expended for the small, as well as large purchases. Therefore, the degree of skill exercised in the purchasing process can make the difference between profit or loss and between cost savings or cost overruns.

Naturally, the specific needs of an organization and the peculiarities of the type of buying, call for a deviation from set guidelines. Although there are variations due to organizational needs, the fundamentals do not change!

Today, purchasing must be the most enlightened group in the company. Your systems, techniques, and operational theories must be flexible and dynamic. The typical philosophy of “We have done it that way for 20 years, so it must be good,” or, “We make money in spite of ourselves!” does not apply to the 21st century.

Learning the skills offered in Purchasing & Supply Management can make a difference in the way you plan and execute the purchasing function within your organization. Plan to attend this exciting opportunity to refine your thinking and find out what you can do to become even more effective on the job.

At this powerful seminar, you will learn how to:

• Manage the big picture effectively by inter-departmental coordination in a strategic purchasing environment.
• Examine specific, time tested inventory ordering and planning techniques.
• Obtain the advanced procurement skills and the strategic awareness that is vital for enhanced functional results and outcomes.
• Prepare plans, set goals and objectives for contribution to the bottom line and cost effectiveness.
• Decide what sourcing strategies and expectations can be used to enhance supplier quality and productivity and optimize the supply base.
• Broaden your perspective about what factors in the business environment affect purchasing decisions and how purchasing should monitor, appraise, and evaluate these factors through performance reports.
• Maintain cooperative relationships with suppliers in order to realize maximum cost efficiencies and continuity of service.
• Ensure that communication is clear and concise internally, both between you and your staff-and externally with vendors, suppliers, and third parties.
• Improve your ability to communicate results to top management about selling purchasing’s contribution to the overall organizational goals.
• Gain a working knowledge of the methods, techniques, and formulas for analyzing good purchasing decisions.
• Select the supplier, the product or service, and the solicitation package that best meet the organization’s needs and budget.
• See what an A-B-C classification system can do for you.
• Understand the difference between domestic and international sales and freight terms—and their implications.
• Read and understand applicable laws that pertain to the contracting process.
• Prepare yourself for the use of specialized purchase instruments and their contracting alternatives in the contracting process.

Who Should Attend

Purchasing & Supply Management is designed to give purchasing, procurement, supply management personnel—buyers, analysts, coordinators, agents, contract administrators, supervisors, managers, executives—a two-day, concentrated course in effective purchasing management. It is designed for those who make sourcing decisions, execute and negotiate contracts, and develop strategies within the purchasing or supply management function.