September 3, 2014

Ever Had a Problem with OSHA? The SEC? Tell NAM Your Story Today!

One final reminder that the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has asked MSCI to invite its members to tell NAM how regulations affect their businesses. The effort is part of a NAM study that will attempt to determine the total cost of federal regulations on manufacturers and to tell individual stories about how overregulation affects the U.S. manufacturing industry. MSCI members who are interested in participating are asked to email Rosario Palmieri at NAM and to copy MSCI’s Jonathan Kalkwarf on the email. The report will be released later this month so MSCI members are encouraged to contact NAM this week. NAM will keep names and other identifiers anonymous if participants wish and has promised that no information will be used without final approval. These stories will be vital to MSCI and NAM’s ongoing advocacy efforts because they will make it easier to illustrate to policymakers the direct and costly impact regulations have on our members. MSCI members are also reminded that MSCI will host a panel during its September 2014 Economic Summit to discuss the cost of U.S. regulations on manufacturers. More information on the 2014 Economic Summit, including information on regulation experts Susan Dudley, Christopher Guith and Toby Mack, is available on MSCI’s website.