January 19, 2015

Fierce Debate Continues On Keystone Pipeline As New Poll Shows 57 Percent Of Americans Support It

The fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline continued to dominate the news again last week. A CNN poll revealed 57 percent of the American public favors approval of the pipeline and, after successfully voting Monday to allow a debate on the Keystone XL Pipeline to go forward, the U.S. Senate spent the entire week discussing the issue. (According to CNN, only 28 percent of Americans oppose the project while 15 percent weren’t sure how they felt.) 

The Senate will continue that debate this week, but it is not yet clear whether it will vote this week on final passage of the bill that would take final responsibility for approving the pipeline away from the White House and give it to Congress. (Click here for last week’s story about this legislation.) 

Meanwhile, it does appear the Obama administration is moving forward on its own review of the project while Congress continues its debate. Several news outlets reported late last week that the State Department set a Feb. 2 deadline for other federal agencies to submit their final recommendations on the pipeline. 

Additionally last week, even though the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled on Jan. 9 that the state law approving the pipeline is constitutional, opponents of the pipeline filed a brand new lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of that state law. According to The Associated Press, “The new lawsuit will likely take less time to resolve than the original claim, which wound its way through the courts in 16 months.” What can you do this week to express your support the Keystone XL Pipeline? Sign this letter from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today.