Forge Ahead

Forge Ahead brings together Gen Z and Millennials currently working in the industrial metals industry in any capacity.  

Who are Forgers? MSCI Forgers are future leaders of the metals industry who champion building and promoting an inclusive, innovative, and dynamic MSCI community.

On June 9-10, MSCI will host its second annual Forge Ahead event in Chicago. To commemorate the event, we’re inviting the entire MSCI community to submit a t-shirt design that reflects the energy and mission of Forge Ahead. The winning entry will receive a Yeti – Tundra Haul Cooler ($450 value).

Please encourage everyone and anyone in your company to submit a t-shirt design, not only Gen Z and Millennials. You can submit an entry as a team as well and Rock, Paper, Scissors who on the team receives the Grand Prize.

If you have any questions, please email Briana Dee at


Rules and Submission Instructions

 Submit entries as a high res jpg, png, tif or psd and Include your art files as well.

Design entries must include the following:

Design Theme Options (pick one to showcase):

1.) The theme for Forge Ahead 2023 is OWN YOUR CAREER
2.) Come up with a hashtag for the 2023 event
3.) Promote themes such as future leaders, connections, metals, join the movement, Chicago as the location of the event.

Bright and highly visible colors are great!

Final artwork:
1.) Files should be high res jpg, png, tif or psd. If submitting a back and front of a t-shirt, be clear which is the front and back. Designs such as the MSCI logo can be on the sleeve.
2.) Maximum / optimal area to fill for printing on t-shirt is 13×18” max

Watch the recap video of the Forge Ahead 2022 event to get a vibe for Forge Ahead and the opportunities it offers to Millennial and Gen Z industrial metals professionals to connect. Attendance at Forge Ahead is complimentary and supported by MSCI and its generous supporters.