January 1, 2005


When choosing a forklift, metals service center management looks for the best operational features, coupled with durability, dependability and flexibility. With those factors in mind, Forward presents a sampling of popular models.

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Type: Diesel
Load Capacity: 33,000 lbs.
Dependability: Unlimited hours warranty, “parts fast or parts free” and free loaner service.


  • Durable three-speed transmission with toggle switch for versatility
  • Full hydrostatic steering helps reduce operator effort
  • Non-asbestos, air-over-hydraulic brakes provide positive braking action with nominal foot pedal pressure

Turning Radius: 179.1″ minimum
Attachments: Customizable with a variety of options including four-way hydraulics, side shift and a triple mast.
Ease of Maintenance: Easy-to-open engine hood with gas cylinder assist allows quick access for routine maintenance of the air cleaner, batteries, fuel tank filter, fuel shut-off and transparent brake fluid reservoir.

Cat Lift Trucks, Houston, Texas

“We use the DP150 to move blooms, bars and tubes around our steel facility. The truck has good visibility and is relatively easy to maneuver. Because we do such heavy-duty work, we did have [CAT] beef up a few things for us. We had CAT reinforce the fenders and floorboards.” 
—Brent Vogt, The Timken Co.

Nissan Platinum Series

Type: LP Gas, Gas, Dual Fuel
Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs. to 8,000 lbs.
Dependability: Electronic Concentrated Control System analyzes engine performance parameters and optimizes operation.


  • Engine protection system
  • High air intake system combined with cyclone air filter
  • Hydrostatic power steering

Turning Radius: 68.3″ minimum
Attachments: Customizable with a variety of options including a spinner knob, Optiview mast, side shift, and speed and power selector.
Ease of Maintenance: No tools are required to remove one-piece floorboard and detachable side panels and wide-open clamshell hood provide ample room for service technicians. VCM self-diagnostic system comes standard.

Nissan Forklift Corp., Marengo, Illinois

“The truck is used by our steel division to load and unload skidded coils. Our drivers like the comfort and visibility and we like some of the safety issues. When the operator gets up, the system won't allow the mast to rise or it goes into neutral. Nissan also makes all of the components; it doesn't import parts from all over like some manufacturers, so that was a big bonus for us. They were the highest price, but in the long run if you pay a little more up front, over the length of the truck, the cost will be lower.” 
—Mike Miller, Olson Co.

Raymond Sideloader

Type: Electric
Load Capacity: 6,000 lb. and 10,000 lb. capacities
Dependability: Supported by a network of dealers
Turning Radius: 125″
Attachments: Auxiliary fork carriage, remote lift and lower option, Ranger shelf height selector option, hydraulic fork adjustment option.
Ease of Maintenance: Access to all components for faster service and more uptime.

Raymond, Greene, New York

“We use it for picking up loads of steel store and to retrieve sheets in a racking system. We've been able to use it to store loads vertically without stacking them on top of each other. The visibility and maneuverability are very good-better than others we've used. We added an on-board computer system that runs by remote into our server so that we know where all of the bundles are; they have location in racking system and the operator has the ability to locate them with it. It's quick, goes all day on a charge and is able to lift 10,000 lbs. and can go 26' high. In that respect it's a good machine and a valuable asset.”
—George Hensley, SOS Metals Inc.

Hyster S70-120XM Series

Type: Diesel and LP Gas
Load Capacity: 7,000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs.
Dependability: Features a large radiator with a unique core design that provides cooling efficiency in dusty or fibrous conditions.
Turning Radius: From 88.6″ to 100.1″.
Attachments: VISTA® masts enhance visibility and productivity; customizable with a variety of options including 42″ to 72″ forks, two-stage and three-stage masts, side shift and accumulators.
Ease of Maintenance: EZXchangeTM swing-out/drop-down LPG tank bracket makes for easier removal of LPG gas tanks. Hydraulic system auxiliary flow and pressure rates match paper-roll clamp manufacturer requirements without the need for additional hydraulic plumbing and extra components.

Hyster Co., Greenville, North Carolina

“The lift's rotating seats enable the operator to see both forward and rear positions, and we've experienced good reliability and minimum downtime. Because of their short length and minimum width, they are easy to maneuver in rail cars for picking up rolls and turning 90 degrees. Longer lifts would be more difficult to maneuver because of their length and turning radius.”
—David Spencer, Smurfit-Stone

Toyota 7FGCU45

Type: LP Gas and Electric
Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs. at a 24″ load center
Dependability: Toyota's System of Active Stability reduces the chance of forward or lateral tipovers
Turning Radius: 119″ plus load length. Optional Box Car Special stacked counterweight tightens right angle stack, reducing turning radius by nearly 8″.
Attachments: Two-stage and three-stage masts, customizable with any hydraulic option
Ease of Maintenance: Easy-lift hood with automatic assist damper provides easy access to engine and the no-tool floorboard removes in seconds for quick servicing.

“I mainly use it for the moving of coils and the loading and unloading of trucks. I've had no problems with them since I've used them for six years. The visibility is OK-it's not obstructed, maintenance is easy and the overall ratio is good on them. The tires get worn out, but other than that, it's a very good forklift.”
—Tony Villasenor, Alliance Steel Corp.

Taylor TH-350L

Type: Diesel and LP Gas
Load Capacity: 35,000 lbs. at 48″ load center
Dependability: Low downtime and operational per-hour costs
Turning Radius: 207″
Attachments: Customizable with a variety of options including variable forks,
carriages of different widths and fork positions and masts that lift from 11' to 20'.
Ease of Maintenance: During each model's design period, Taylor engineers ensure service point accessibility is achieved for all components. Taylor also maintains service data and parts for trucks manufactured since the 1960s.

“We are a steel plate distributor, and we use the lift to handle metal plates from 3/6″ to 8″ metal varieties from 96″ to 144″ wide. We've found that the lift gives us the tonnage capacity that allows us to handle long, 40' plates with a single lift where it would mostly require a dual lift situation-we haven't found a downfall to it yet.”
—Scott Sandifer, Superior Supply & Steel