November 27, 2017

Get $300 Off MSCI’s Tubular Conference By Registering Before December 4

Registration for MSCI’s Tubular Conference is open and members who register before Dec. 4 will get a $300 discount. An unusual, solutions-focused lineup of speakers at this conference will offer an original, metals-relevant look at the domestic and global economies, how to handle increasingly frequent cyber-assaults on businesses of all sizes, and the expanding, invaluable digital management tools you will see from MSCI in the new year.

Joe Oleksak, partner in the IT consulting firm Plante Moran, will discuss cyber security and will explain how to keep systems tight and to deal with the damage when they are penetrated.

Dr. Alan Beaulieu, president of the Institute for Trend Research, will offer his useful and uniquely insightful take on issues ranging from technology to infrastructure to trade in his keynote address.

David DeLong, president of Smart Workforce Strategies, also will serve as a keynote speaker. DeLong will offer a range of best practices and extremely useful strategies for getting, keeping, and creatively working with a quality workforce in a rapidly changing business environment. And that’s just to get things rolling. Along with a thorough assessment of the economic outlook for tubular products, DeLong is part of the array of knowledge and insight accessible exclusively to MSCI members.

Not convinced you need to be at Tubular? Here are three other reasons our members should attend this year’s Tubular conference:

  • Insight from peers and subject matter experts: MSCI’s speakers focus on topics and markets critical to your tubular products business.
  • Strengthen and establish business connections: This conference is devoted to tubular products relationships. Get leads, close deals, and win business.
  • Unparalleled experiences: MSCI is unmatched in customer service. We guarantee you'll enjoy distinguished care and attention as a valued member of the MSCI family.

Join MSCI January 9-10, 2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Register and learn more here