January 4, 2016

Global Economic Analysis: Analysts Predict Slowing Chinese Economy Will Have Global Effects In 2016

  • After rising over the last two months, industrial production in Japan fell one percent from October to November. Analysts had expected a 0.4 percent decline and said a slowdown in the Chinese economy put downward pressure on Japanese output.
  • The foreign trade federation BGA predicts that exports from Germany will increase up to six percent in 2016, a record level, while imports will jump four percent. Agence France-Presse said those numbers will allow “a solid trade surplus for Europe's largest economy.” BGA’s Anton Boerner warned difficulties in China could harm the German economy, however. Boerner said, “Given the dangerous side effects of the monetary policy of the ECB, the unresolved euro debt crisis and many global trouble spots, this in sum means there won't be a celebratory mood and short-term confidence will give way to skepticism in the medium and long term.”