January 3, 2017

Global Economic Analysis and News of Note: Eurozone Manufacturing Sector Strengthens

  • While not all purchasing manufacturing indices for December have been released yet, readings that have been released have largely been positive.
  • The Markit PMI for the Eurozone rose to 54.9 in December from 53.7 in November. Readings for the manufacturing sectors in the Eurozone’s two largest economies, France and Germany, both improved. France’s reading was at a 67-month high while Germany’s was at its highest level in 35 months.
  • South Korea’s PMI rose to 49.4 in December from 48.0 in November even though employment in the sector declined at the fastest rate in two years. Thailand’s reading also improved. India’s PMI fell to 49.6 from 52.3 due to drops in output and the number of new orders. As a reminder, all PMI readings can be found here