January 2, 2018

Global Economic Analysis and News of Note: Japanese Exports Increase, Driven By Trade With China

  • Exports from Japan expanded 16 percent from November 2016 to November 2017 due to higher overall demand for automobiles and manufacturing equipment and a 25 percent surge in exports to China. The nation’s trade surplus declined 23 percent year-over-year, however, due to a 17 percent increase in imports into the country. Manufacturing.net explained, “A revival in export manufacturing is helping sustain Japan's recovery, with strongest growth in shipments of vehicles, power generating equipment, computers and computer parts and semiconductor machinery.”
  • According to the Confederation of British Industry, the British manufacturing industry continues to expand and order are at their highest levels in nearly three decades. Bloomberg said, “U.K. factories are benefiting from the twin effects of a Brexit-driven weaker pound and a resurgence in global trade.”