September 9, 2015 | by Editorial Ludovic Subran, Euler Hermes publication director and chief economist

Global Trade: What’s Cooking? Introducing twelve countries’ recipes for boosting exports

Introducing twelve countries’ recipes for boosting exports

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Like a cyclist against the wind, global trade has been fighting an uphill battle. Yes, the outlook does look better overall and trade-gnation sounds like old news, but competition is fierce. Trade is like a marathon; there are front runners and laggards, hungry competitors, those who burn out and those who fade away. Will eager nations catch up? Will outsiders once again change the rules of the game?



To answer these questions, we opened the lid and looked at what’s cookin’ in the global trade pan. If you want to win the race, you need to train hard, eat well, use good ingredients and avoid saturated fats and fish bones. Euler Hermes identified twelve recipes for success from countries around the world.

Exporting is easier said than done: finding new clients, adapting to their needs, fighting red tape and language barriers are important challenges for small and medium enterprises. The risk often seems higher than the reward but preparation does make the difference. For policymakers in times of diet, they often focus on reducing imports rather than raising exports value. In the end, if there is one crucial message for those out there who do not know yet if they should try their luck: Exporting goods is importing innovation. By going after new untapped customers out there, you will evolve your products to add quality and service. You just have to take a first bite, and yes you may find it is too spicy once in awhile (for us it often means not getting paid!) but once you’ve finished your plate you may end up eating your competitors’.

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