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July 1, 2012

Why Lean Fails

A top-down strategy is the only way Lean works

By now, the Lean story is familiar. A vibrant, well-managed Lean manufacturing strategy has the potential to double growth, dramatically cut costs by eliminating waste and improving processes, and boost operational profitability. Ask a room […] Read More

July 1, 2012

Congressional Incompetence

Why Capitol Hill does such a lousy job writing laws.

The text in the chapter called “The Legislative Process” seems almost quaint these days. “Congressional procedures,” it says, are “fashioned to assure orderly consideration of legislative proposals.” A neat flow chart illustrates “How a Bill […] Read More

May 1, 2012

Sluggish Connections

Crumbling infrastructure, gridlocked lawmakers, endangered Americans and a threatened economy: The slow move toward local and private solutions.

In the movie “Margin Call,” which depicts the sudden collapse of a major Wall Street investment bank, Stanley Tucci plays the firm's chief risk management officer. In a resonant soliloquy, he laments his fate after […] Read More

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