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May 1, 2012

Patently Slow

The U.S. system favors the rich, threatens the little guy and takes forever.

Abraham Lincoln, the only president to ever receive a patent, said, “The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius, in the discovery and production of new and useful things.” Still, […] Read More

May 1, 2012

Why Nanshan Came to Indiana

The Chinese aluminum extrusion manufacturer moves into a still-soft U.S. market.

 LATER THIS YEAR, Nanshan America Co. Ltd's huge, new aluminum extrusion manufacturing facility, with an estimated cost of $100 million, begins production in Lafayette, Indiana. The 50-acre facility is the first significant Chinese direct investment […] Read More

May 1, 2012

The Center Vanishes

The root of congressional polarization

Over the past 15 to 20 years, the polarization in our nation's capital and the federal government has increased exponentially. It's difficult and, at this point, all but irrelevant to try to identify the specific […] Read More

May 1, 2012

Internet Infrastructure

Why the United States struggles with inferior Internet speeds.

Internet speeds in the United States are nothing to brag about. South Korea, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine all have significantly faster and cheaper Internet speeds than the United States.Latvia? Bulgaria? Isn't that just […] Read More

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