July 27, 2015

Hear About MSCI’s Advocacy Efforts At Next Week’s Chapter Leadership Symposium

Every week Connecting the Dots provides MSCI members the latest updates on federal public policy issues and MSCI’s advocacy efforts in our nation’s capital. But are you still unsure how you can help advance these efforts, or would you simply like to learn more about them? 

If so, we encourage you to attend MSCI’s Chapter Leadership Symposium next week (Aug. 4-5) in Schaumburg, Ill where Vice President for Finance and Government Affairs Jonathan Kalkwarf, MSCI Washington representative Julie Cram and Lee Kushman from Pennsylvania Steel will discuss why it’s important for MSCI members and member company employees to become engaged and how they can make their voices heard. 

It has been two years since MSCI has gathered for a chapter leadership summit. The purpose of this gathering is to provide information, tools and best practices on advocacy and a whole host of other issues so that the management of the MSCI chapters is as efficient and effective as possible. It is MSCI’s goal to have at least one representative from each chapter attend this very important meeting and there is still time to RSVP. Click here to learn more, to register and to see a list of those who have already registered.