September 22, 2014

Host a Register to Vote Event – On Us – And Join Our Get Out the Vote Webinar Wednesday!

Earlier this month MSCI launched its first national voter registration drive. To help members take advantage of this event, which will run until the middle of October, MSCI will host a short webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 2 p.m. CT. (Click here to register.) MSCI has also provided a list of easy ideas and guidelines to help your company execute a successful voter registration day and a flyer advertising the MSCI National Voter Registration Month. The flyer can be distributed with employees’ paychecks, posted on the company intranet and hung in break- and lunchrooms and shop floors. Additionally, MSCI will reimburse its members up to $150 for food and beverage expenses associated with any Register to Vote events. Finally – check out MSCI’s get out the vote toolkit for more Election 2014 ideas and remember: no matter how well we educate our employees about the policy issues, our work won’t count unless they are registered to vote.