March 15, 2015

House To Vote To Overturn NLRB Ambush Elections Rule – Call Your Representatives Now!

Last week, Connecting the Dots reported that the U.S. Senate voted to nullify the National Labor Relations Board’s ambush elections rule. 

We have now also learned that the U.S. House is likely to cast a vote on the matter in the coming days, perhaps even this week. MSCI urges its members to call their representatives in the House right away to urge them to oppose the NLRB rule, which would severely hamper the rights of employers to make their views on union organizing and collective bargaining known and would prevent employees from making informed choices on issues that are important to them. 

The National Association of Manufacturers also has a website through which MSCI members can send emails to their representatives. (Interested parties must register with the website before they can access the letter to lawmakers.) 

Finally, to learn more about this rule, visit the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace’s website. MSCI is a member of the coalition.