September 14, 2015

How Does Washington Impact You? Check Out U.S. Chamber’s Main Street Monthly

The goal of Connecting the Dots and MSCI’s broader advocacy program is to help MSCI member companies, their employees and customers understand the impact federal policymaking has on them and to give individuals the tools they need to make their voice heard in Washington. 

Our partners at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have introduced a brand new tool the MSCI advocacy team believes will only enhance our efforts. Last week the U.S. Chamber released its first edition of Main Street Monthly, a monthly email product that will feature a mix of policy analysis, real stories about how federal policy has affected real people and entrepreneurial insights tailored for small businesses. MSCI encourages its members to sign up for this useful publication by visiting the U.S. Chamber’s website

MSCI is a member of the Chamber’s Committee of 100