June 22, 2016

How Safe is the Metals Industry?

INFOGRAPHIC: Learnings from MSCI’s Safety Survey 2015

Safety—it can be a matter of life and death in this industry. We all want to work in a safe environment, and it’s our moral imperative to work toward a zero accident workplace for everyone. But where does the industry have the most room to improve? And how does your organization stack up against others of a similar size?

Each year, MSCI performs a Safety Survey to track changes and improvements in the safety of our industry. The survey serves as a benchmarking tool for participating organizations. The most recent survey was performed in 2015 based on 2014 safety outcomes. Surveys requesting safety data were collected between April and June 2015 from 63 firms. Read on for some of the results of the survey.

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Interested in participating in MSCI's 2016 Safety Survey for access to the full report? Email Chris Marti at MSCI.