December 14, 2015

In Case You Missed It: U.S. Companies Are Bringing Jobs Back Home

A report released last week found U.S. manufacturers are looking to invest and create jobs in the United States before looking anywhere else in the world. According to IndustryWeek, Boston Consulting Group found 31 percent of companies expecting to increase production capacity in the next five years for goods consumed in the United States plan to add that capacity in the United States. Just 20 percent said they plan to add capacity in China to serve the U.S. market. In 2013 those figures were nearly reversed: 30 percent of respondents to a BCG survey said they planned to add capacity in China to serve the U.S. market while just 26 planned to increase production in the United States. 

The study also noted that 17 percent of manufacturing firms already have reshoring plans underway. 

Boston Consulting Group Senior Partner Harold L. Sirkin, who co-wrote the study, said, “These findings underscore how significantly U.S. attitudes toward manufacturing in America seem to have swung in just a few years … The results offer the latest evidence that a revival of American manufacturing is underway.” 

Manufacturing.net also discussed the BCG report.