September 29, 2014

India Says It Will Not Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to The New York Times, Indian environmental minister Prakash Javadekar said last week carbon emissions will likely continue to rise in the country over the next 30 years as government officials concentrate instead on reducing poverty and expanding the economy. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama “used his speech at the United Nations' climate summit Tuesday to push for a strong global climate deal in 2015 that requires action from nations including China …” As expected, the president didn’t announce any new domestic carbon reduction initiatives in his speech. (China also did not announce any new emissions reduction measures.) As a reminder, MSCI opposes any international agreement to reduce carbon emissions that does not include China and India, the world’s number one and number three polluters, respectively. For more information on international climate change reduction efforts, National Journal (subscription required) has a list of measures various nation’s announced at last week’s United Nations climate summit while The Washington Post outlines how various countries have missed their previous emissions’ targets.