December 1, 2014

Industry Reacts To President Obama’s Immigration Executive Order. How Do You Feel?

While many business trade groups, including MSCI, support comprehensive immigration reform, organizations reacted coolly to President Barack Obama’s immigration executive order announced on Nov. 20. (Read MSCI’s summary of the order here.) 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue argued, “Meaningful and lasting immigration reform can only be achieved through the enactment of bipartisan legislation” and called upon “the president and lawmakers of both parties to enact common sense measures to provide the American economy with the workers it needs at all skill levels, while better securing our borders and dealing with undocumented immigrants.” And, according to Fortune, National Association of Manufacturers President Jay Timmons said the president’s announcement underscores the fact “that congressional action is critically needed on immigration reform.” 

MSCI would love to hear what our members think about the president’s new policy and comprehensive immigration reform in general. Email Jon Kalkwarf to let us know!