January 18, 2021

Infrastructure On Minds Of Many As New Congress Convenes

As vice president in 2009, current President-elect Joe Biden was part of an administration that introduced and enacted a large stimulus bill to help the economic recovery from the Great Recession. That legislation included tens of billions of dollars in funding for infrastructure.

Will Biden look to invest more in these projects as a way to recover from the COVID-19 recession? That’s not yet clear, but to urge federal lawmakers and the White House to act on infrastructure, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched a new initiative called “Build by the Fourth of July.”  The effort asks Congress to pass legislation that:

  • Repairs and updates the United States’ crumbling infrastructure;
  • Stimulates the U.S. economy and creates middle-class sustaining jobs;
  • Addresses climate change;
  • Promotes fiscally and environmentally responsible policies;
  • Improves federal project approvals; and
  • Addresses the digital divide.

The Metals Service Center Institute has added its name to the effort. Individual companies can join the effort here. Joining the effort does not commit any organization to a specific policy outcome, but only to the goal of seeing a broad-based infrastructure package enacted into law.

Stay tuned to Connecting the Dots for more information on federal infrastructure investment, including a future grassroots effort powered by the Metals Service Center Institute.