November 20, 2017

Is Tax Reform Done—Or Should I Still Call My Member Of Congress To Let Them Know How I Feel?

While the U.S. House and Senate are moving quickly to pass comprehensive tax reform (President Donald Trump has said he wants a bill on his desk in early December), they are still in the middle of negotiating a bill. There is still time to contact your member of Congress to tell him or her how you feel about what has been debated.

The full Senate is expected to vote on its version of tax reform when they come back from the Thanksgiving break. Contact information for every member of the Senate is available here.

The House has passed its tax reform package, but because there are significant differences between the House and Senate bills, the two chambers will have to convene a conference committee to hash out their differences and write the final piece of legislation. This committee will be made up of select members of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee who will decide what goes in the final bill. It’s not clear yet which individuals will be chosen for the conference committee, so it’s a good idea to contact every member of both committees. Contact information for those lawmakers can be found here for the Ways and Means Committee and here for the Finance Committee.

After the conference committee is complete, the full House and Senate will have to vote on the final piece of legislation, so House members also are still very much interested in hearing what constituents think. The contact information for senators is above. Contact information for all members of the House of Representatives is available here