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The Metals Service Center Institute is the Premier Trade Association in the Metals Industry.  MSCI’s members are the “Who’s Who” of the Metals Community

MSCI provides vision and voice to the metals industry, along with the tools and perspective necessary for successful businesses:

  • Relevant, insightful and timely information to the metals and manufacturing industries
  • Access to the key decision makers within the metals industry
  • A national and regional platform for leaders within the industrial metals supply chain
  • Invaluable aggregated industry benchmarking data, forecasting models and best practices
  • Customized executive education and professional development programs – metals centric
  • An industry voice to protect business and manufacturing in the U.S. and Canada
  • A seasoned, professional, diverse and skilled staff dedicated to and for the metals industry

The Profile of an MSCI Member:

  • Understands the importance of having an industry network, acquaintances and friendships
  • Is a critical thinker and uses both analytical tools as well as instincts to run their business
  • Believes that people are important assets and, as such, invests in training to improve morale, insure a safe workplace, enhance financial performance and increase company loyalty
  • Understands industry stewardship and wants to be associated with others of like mind
  • Values information that will help them make better business decisions
  • Has both a long and short term perspective on running their company with a desire for prosperous growth and sustainability

See MSCI Members Here 

For more information on the returns you can receive from being an MSCI member, see our membership brochure.

Membership Applications

Active Members

Active members operate metals service centers; facilities that inventory metals, provide first-stage fabrication services (cut-to-length, slitting, etc.), and distribute metals to a wide range of manufacturing customers, processors, or smaller service centers.  

Associate Members

Associate members are companies that produce metals:  steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloys, copper and brass, and tool steels. Some associate members convert metal in a finished form such as tubing, perforated metals products, or they create special grades and tempers.

Affiliate Members 

Affiliate members are companies that provide goods and services to metals service centers and producing companies. Eligible companies include manufacturers of processing equipment, trucks, racks, buildings, computers, or software. It also includes companies that provide services such as heat treating, toll processors, software, financial, or other types of consulting services. Providers of raw materials, recycled materials and other consumables are also eligible.

Associate Trading Organizations

Companies who import metals from non-North American producers are also eligible. These companies, with annual sales to North American service centers exceeding $50,000,000, are eligible if they sell from owned or consigned inventory in North America. They would represent non-North American production facilities engaged in the production of one or more of the metals products upon which Active Member dues are based.

Active International, Associate International and International memberships are available.  Contact MSCI for additional information.