August 10, 2015

Keystone Pipeline A Hot Topic At Canadian Prime Minister Debate

While U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has refused to reveal her stance on the Keystone XL Pipeline and Republican presidential candidates largely ignored the issue at their first primary debate last week, the project – and energy and environmental issues in general – was a hot topic in a debate last week between candidates for Canadian prime minister. 

According to Politico’s “Morning Energy,” “Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberals, slammed Premier Stephen Harper for letting Canadian heavy crude become a global ‘scapegoat’ for climate change, while New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair carved out his own niche by slamming both Trudeau and the incumbent Harper for supporting pipelines that would send oil sands out of Canada instead of creating construction jobs within the country.” Incumbent Prime Minister Harper said he remains hopeful President Barack Obama will eventually offer final approval for the pipeline. 

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