June 26, 2017

Last Minute Request: Act TODAY To Support the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, which will bring natural gas from northeast Pennsylvania to interconnect with a mainline interstate network in southeastern Pennsylvania, has been fully approved at the federal level. However, construction cannot begin until the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) issues permits for waterway/wetlands crossings that exist along the pipeline’s path.

The Metals Service Center Institute, along with its partners at the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance, encourages its members to support this pipeline. The project is important because the pipeline will enable a significant increase in natural gas drilling and production activities in the Marcellus, which also drives significant business activity throughout the supply chain in the United States.

The EEIA personally testified in support of the pipeline to PA DEP last week in Lancaster, Penn. PA DEP is now accepting comments from stakeholders supporting or opposing this project. The deadline for comments is close of business Monday, June 26. (That’s today!) Click here to send your letter of support.