April 23, 2018 | by Kerrie Rushton

Legislation In Pennsylvania Aims To Improve Workers Compensation System

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Senate Bill 936 on April 17, 2018, a bill that would establish a drug formulary for the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation system through the use of a Utilization Review Organizations (URO). Pennsylvania’s system currently does not have a drug formulary even though every other type of insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and private insurance plans, do. The new formulary established in the legislation is meant to keep bad actors from exploiting the system.

According to the advocacy group Pennsylvania Prosperity, Senate Bill 936 will ensure high quality treatment and fair prices and also will increase efficiency, control costs, and protect workers from scams and potential addiction.

Metals Service Center Institute members in Pennsylvania who are interested in workers’ compensation issues are encouraged to send a letter to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf asking him to sign the legislation. Click here to do so.