May 24, 2017 | by Aon Hewitt in partnership with the National Business Group on Health (The Business Group) and The Futures Company

Lightening the Health Care Burden

Ideas for creating a more appealing and affordable health care plan for your employees

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Employers continue to seek ways to address their talent challenges and differentiate themselves in the market. Toward that end, employers are increasingly focused on providing greater value through their reward programs. And with all the complexities of the U.S. health care system, people consuming health care services continue to find it challenging to navigate.

That’s why, for the fifth year, Aon Hewitt partnered with the National Business Group on Health (The Business Group) and The Futures Company to conduct the Consumer Health MindsetTM Study. The study explores the health attitudes, motivators, and preferences of consumers across the United States— particularly employees and their dependents as they interact with their employer-sponsored health plans, wellness programs, and the broader health landscape.

This white paper captures the key findings of the study, including insights into questions employers often ask about employees and their dependents, such as:

  • What works? What programs, resources, and tactics can help us more effectively engage people in their health care decisions?
  • What sidetracks? What gets in the way of individuals taking a more active role in their health and health care?
  • Who’s unique? How can we reach key workforce groups like Millennials who have different perspectives?

Along with findings about the consumer health mindset, the white paper recommends practical actions you can take to meet consumers where they are and guide them in navigating health care more effectively.



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