February 27, 2018 | by    

Mass. Newspaper Agrees With MSCI, EEIA: Anti-Pipeline Policies Help America’s Enemies, Push Consumers Toward “Dirtier Fuel”

 In an email this week, Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) partners at the Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) hailed news that The Boston Globe has come out in favor of natural gas exploration and natural gas pipelines.

This development is important because public officials in the area served by the Globe—the majority of New England—have been hostile to fossil fuel infrastructure, officially through adverse government policies, and in the media.

The Globe’s editors argued that the state's policy of blocking pipeline projects has resulted in the substitution of far costlier natural gas from a terminal in the Russian Arctic that is, by the Globe’s account, an unmitigated environmental disaster. The editorial concluded Massachusetts’s environmental policy needs a “reset” and said, “The real-world result of pipeline absolutism in Massachusetts this winter has been to steer energy customers to dirtier fuels like coal and oil, increasing greenhouse gas emissions. And the state is now in the indefensible position of blocking infrastructure here, while its public policies create demand for overseas fossil fuel infrastructure like the Yamal LNG plant—a project likely to inflict far greater near and long-term harm to the planet.”

MSCI works with EEIA, a coalition that represents more than 600,000 workers from 120,000 companies in 60 industries to mobilize the supply chain’s voices to achieve policies at all levels of government that encourage full development of shale resources, while protecting the environment, health and safety.