July 28, 2016 | by Dianna Smoljan

Metal Matters: Exercise Your Right to Vote

Why voter registration and education is essential to the strength of the metals industry

More than half of the 12 million Americans employed in the manufacturing sector don’t vote. A variety of reasons could be to blame – lack of awareness, apathy, confusion, or the belief that “my vote won’t make a difference.” But when employees of manufacturing companies understand what’s at stake – namely the viability of the industry, the continued solvency of the company and potentially the existence of their very job – they often have an increased appreciation for the impact of their vote.  

Companies are uniquely positioned (and legally allowed) to provide voter education to multiple audiences including employees, shareholders, retirees and their families. Research tells us that four out of five workers want and trust information from their employers about candidates, issues and elections. Understanding where a candidate stands on important issues gives a voter the confidence to make an informed decision.

MSCI has developed several resources to support voter education on issues important to the metals industry. Our tools help metals companies share the connection between non-partisan issues and the growth and sustainability of the metals industry. Our Metal Matters website covers the issues important to the industry and provides one-page downloads covering the “what”, “why” and “what is needed” for each policy issue. Detailed voting records for each member of Congress are also available, and can be shared, at MSCI.org/Scorecard.

MSCI members and chapters have designated September for Metal Matters Voter Registration Drives. A voter registration drive can be whatever works best for a company or location: a pizza party at lunch, or a mid-morning or afternoon coffee break. Making voter registration forms available in the lunchroom, and including in information packets for new and relocating employees is also helpful. MSCI offers a full toolkit to help in planning and organizing a Voter Registration event.  

There’s no guarantee everyone will make it to the polls on Election Day. But even the simplest actions yield great results. For example, a basic reminder on Election Day saying where the polls are and when they close is proven to have an impact on voter turnout. 

Remember this nation is made up of many voices – and on Election Day, every voice counts. 

Go to MSCI's Get Out the Vote Toolkit.

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