August 9, 2017

Mindset Drives Behaviors: Why employees still get hurt on the job

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Safety: Mindset Drives Behaviors

Why employees still get hurt on the job

Rolling Meadows, Ill., Aug. 9, 2017— Changing employee attitudes is paramount to reducing injuries on the job, according to safety expert Fred Rine, founder and CEO of FDRSafety in Tennessee. “Workplaces are in better physical shape than they’ve ever been,” he says. “Workers are better trained but unfortunately they are still getting hurt on the job.”

Why do workers endanger themselves and their colleagues, and what motivates them to take risks that can be fatal? Rine will address this question and many others in his keynote session at MSCI’s Safety Conference Sept. 27–28, 2017, co-located with the National Safety Council’s Congress & Expo in Indianapolis, Ind. More than 500,000 workers from big and small companies across the country have participated in Attitude-Based Safety Culture Training from Rine’s company.

“We are risk takers by nature, from day one,” he says. “You probably touched that hot stove anyway, even though your mom told you not to. Do you speed when you drive? Of course you do, and you know it when you are doing it. You made a choice to take that risk,” he says.

“People just make bad decisions. But we want to help them stop and realize why, and understand why it is just not worth it. We want them to be safe at work, not because they have to, but because they want to, because they want to go home to their families each and every night,” he says. “And that is based on a change in attitude, way beyond just knowing the safety rules. Changing attitudes is how you develop a truly effective safety culture in your workplace.”

Rine and FDRSafety also helps companies with OSHA compliance problems and meeting federal safety standards.

The MSCI Safety Conference program offers three keynote addresses, a session addressing proactive safety and eight breakout sessions offering peer-to-peer sharing specific to the industrial metals supply chain. In addition, the MSCI Safety Conference is co-located with the National Safety Council’s Congress & Expo.

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