January 25, 2016

MSCI Awards 342 Scholarships Worth More Than $760,000 In 2015

As the skills gap widens and the cost of higher education inflates, the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) and its chapters again stepped up to promote learning through its scholarship program. This year 342 families were awarded scholarships worth a total of $766,500—making 2015 MSCI’s largest scholarship year yet. 

MSCI President and CEO Bob Weidner said he is proud of the support the association and industry members provide. Weidner said, “Critical thinking is arguably one of the essential skills everyone needs in this globally challenging economy. Helping MSCI member company families with the ever rising cost of education is at the heart of what has made our institution great for over a century. The scholarship program has united chapters and members to work toward a common goal to help families in our association. It’s exciting to see how this program has taken on a life of its own.” 

The scholarship program began at the chapter level and is administered through MSCI’s 32 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. “It began in 2004 with just a couple of chapters participating and has grown over 11 years to include all of them,” said Weidner. “In total we have had the opportunity to provide over 2,200 scholarships.” 

More than $4.6 million has been awarded to the children of member companies attending a trade program, a four-year degree program or a post graduate program. While each chapter has a committee and its own requirements and standards for application, MSCI centralizes the submission and judging process online. (Click here to learn more about the process.) Chapters raise funds specifically for the scholarship program each year, and the national organization provides matches to extend the reach of those helped.